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Custom Domain Tracking


This feature is available to Business-tier customers.

By default, Courier uses for link tracking. Customers can opt for custom tracking domain (ex: if interested!

Setting up custom tracking

While we are planning on making this a self-served process soon, at the moment it requires you working with Courier Support.

Provide us the tracking URL

This would typically be something like

Modifying DNS entries

This step requires adding 2 new DNS records on your end.

a. First one is for cert validation. Based on your tracking URL, Courier will create a certificate and ask you to confirm/validate. This cert is required so our infrastructure allows requests redirected from you during tracking resolution. Work with Courier support staff to get this added.

b. Second one is adding CNAME

Go live

After updating the DNS records, work with Courier support who will enable this feature for you. Once enabled, all links would be routed through your tracking domain.