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JSONPath Expressions

JSON paths and variables allow you to insert data supplied in the Courier Notification Context into your notifications.

Structure of the Courier Notification Context

The Courier Notification Context object has the following structure:

Courier Notification Context
"data": { ... },
"profile": { ... },
"tenant": { ... },
"brand": { ... }
  • data: An object passed to the send method
  • profile: An object containing merged profile data from the send method and stored in Courier
  • tenant: An object containing information about the tenant, such as the company name and other settings
  • brand: An object containing branding information, such as colors, logos, and social media links

Accessing Data using JSONPath Expressions

To access data from the Courier Notification Context, you can use JSONPath expressions. JSONPath is a query language that allows you to extract data from JSON objects using a simple and intuitive syntax.

Here are some examples of how to access data from the Courier Notification Context using JSONPath:

  • To access a property from the Data object: $.profile.someProp or data.someProp or someProp. Courier will automatically query the data object for any path not prefixed with $.data
  • To access a property from the Profile object: $.profile.someProp or profile.someProp
  • To access a property from the Tenant object: $.tenant.someProp or tenant.someProp
  • To access a property from the Brand settings object: $.brand.someProp or brand.someProp
Brand Settings Object
id: string;
colors: {
primary: string;
secondary: string;
tertiary: string;
inapp: {
borderRadius: string;
disableMessageIcon: boolean;
placement: "top" | "bottom" | "left" | "right";
emptyState: {
textColor: string;
text: string;
icons: {
bell: string;
message: string;
email: {
header: {
barColor: string;
logo: {
href: string;
image: string;
social: {
facebook?: string;
instagram?: string;
linkedin?: string;
medium?: string;
twitter?: string;