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Handlebars Editor for Email Notifications

It's possible to edit the HTML of a Courier Email notification directly using the Handlebars template override.

Override the Notification Designer With Handlebars‚Äč

If you want to edit the HTML / Handlebars code of an Email Notification directly, you can switch from the Notification Designer to the Handlebars editor.

Handlebars Override

The Handlebars toggle will override any brands linked to the template. Make sure to include any styling, logo and headers that you want rendered in your Handlebars template. Open and click tracking are not available for Handlebars overrides.

Create Your Notification

This is a useful way to import existing HTML templates into Courier.

Create Your Notification

Content created using the Handlebars override is not reusable across channels.

If you need to use Handlebars for a portion of your email, use template blocks and combine them with other block types to allow your non-handlebars code content to be re-used in other channels.

Edits made in the Handlebars editor will not apply to other Email notifications. To define the look and feel of all your emails at once, customize your default brand template.