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Export to Elemental

Courier Elemental offers a powerful JSON based syntax to send notifications in lieu of using notification templates.

Courier's Designer Studio offers DnD functionalities to build notification templates where users can invoke a notification by just referencing the template ID.

Courier now offers interoperability between notification templates and Elemental, so users can now get the best of both worlds.

With the Export to Elemental feature, users can use the designer to build notification templates and export them as Elemental syntax whether it's for sending raw code templates, or for establishing a template review process.

Exporting Elemental Assets

Select the dropdown option on top-right of notification Publish button, and click Export to Elemental.

Export to Elemental Dropdown

Copy the JSON output to use the Elemental syntax inside your /send request's payload.

Export to Elemental Output JSON

Once copied, the Elemental syntax can be passed inside a content object of your send request.

Block Types and Node Type Mappings

Below are the following supported block types that can be exported as Elemental syntax.

Block typeElemental Node Type(s)
textcombination of text and list
markdowntext (format markdown)

List and jsonnet blocks, locales at the block level are not supported.

Please reach out to support if you have any questions or feedback.