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How to Use AI to Build Notifications

Courier's AI content generator (backed by best-in-class GPT-3 models) lets you build and iterate on notification content rapidly.

Creating New Notifications

Using an Intuitive Notification Title

The title you use for the new notification would be an input to the AI which will determine the generated content. Enter a notification title and check the Use AI checkbox.

AI Notification Title

Examples of titles you can use:

  • Password Reset Request
  • Login Verification
  • Subscribe to Our Newsletter
  • Forgot Password
  • Upgrade Pricing Tier
  • Add Your Social Media
  • Free Tier Limit Exceeded
  • New Feature Launch

Generated Notification

The Courier AI content generator will build a notification with multiple text blocks and email channel by default. You can add a provider or switch to a channel of your choosing.

AI Generated Notification Content

Editing Notification Content

You can use the AI to edit notification content using the content generator toolbar.

AI Bulb Icon

A text block toolbar includes a bulb icon which opens an AI content generator modal. You can use this modal to dictate the prompt for the AI to use for your content.

Content Generator Toolbar

Prompt the AI to Generate Content

Insert a prompt which provides some context to the AI. Then click Generate Content.

Content Generator Modal

Adding Content to the Notification

You can use the generated content as is, or edit it to best fit your use case. Click Add Content to apply your desired content on the text block.

Content Generator Output

Your text block content will be replaced with the AI-generated content. You can keep exploring with the AI generator as many times as you'd like, or update the content directly.

AI Content Applied

Content Generation Prompts

To help you get started, you can follow some resources that could help you explore with different prompts. Please reach out to Courier Support if you have any questions/feedback!

List of +50 GPT-3 prompts that you can try on your own